Fashion tastes are different for each person. But of course, you have met someone who seems like every piece of clothing that he is wearing looks right on his body and makes him look more attractive? Well, people like this are called stylish, aka having an impressive taste in dress.

Do you also want to be stylish, right, girls? For all kinds of the best and branded women’s clothing and accessories, you can buy them at Well, this time we will reveal the secret of stylish girls special to you.

1. Studying one’s own body shape so that it knows what is suitable and not in our body

Why does a stylish girl always look amazing in whatever she wears? The answer is that before starting to buy clothes, he has learned his body shape, and accepts himself as he is. Both he is short, fat, too thin, and so forth. After that, only then he knew exactly what kind of clothes would not make it look weird.

2. Focus more on everyday outfits

When shopping, stylish girls focus more on the clothes that they will wear every day. So, he will not spend money on things that will be stored in the closet just like that. Buying basic outfits that are obviously going to be useful is the main key for stylish girls when shopping.

3. Know how to mix and match

Combining superior and subordinate matching requires some kind of special expertise that really needs to be trained. Sometimes, we also need to hear the comments of people closest to you know. It could be, culottes pants and shirts that we wear turns out to be less matching when worn at the same time. Looking around Instagram or magazine also needs to add references to how to mix and match clothes correctly.

4. The expensive one is not necessarily good

Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend more money to be a stylish girl. There are a lot of items at much cheaper prices but it turns out that they look better on your body. There is no guarantee that expensive items that you buy will make you cooler.

5. The importance of choosing the right shoes and accessories

Stylish girls care about their appearance from top to bottom. Accessories and shoes are complementary and are as important as clothing. Wrong in choosing these two things can cause your appearance to look silly you know, be careful.

6. Do not allow themselves to be victims of fashion

The next secret of stylish girls is that it is not easy to decide to buy an outfit just because it is a trend. They understand that whatever is booming is not necessarily suitable for their bodies. In addition, items that are “seasonal” so will certainly run out of time and eventually will only end in the corner of the cupboard. Once again keep in mind that stylish girls will not let their clothes be idle.

7. Know that nothing is perfect

Last but not least, stylish girls are well aware that every day is not a fashion show where she must always look amazing. Sometimes, stylish girls also need to take a break from choosing clothes and they only wear what is hanging behind the door.

Are you ready to be a stylish girl?