Negative comments about your online clothing store do not augur well for your business. You can lose both existing and potential customers because of that. However, negative comments on reviews platforms like are avoidable. Here is a guide on how to avoid that:

Monitor your customer reviews

When you monitor your customer reviews, you will get to know when they are not satisfied with a service. You can reach out to them to solve the issue that led to the online shopping complaints. Some might be considerate enough to edit their comment if the problem is sorted out. Even if they don’t completely delete and give a new good review, they can add a note that the problem has been sorted out. You will also know to avoid having a similar problem with your other customers to avoid negative reviews.

Don’t keep your customers waiting for long

The amount of time your customers wait before they get their clothes forms a major part of their buying experience, and they will surely talk about it. If it takes longer for customers to get their clothes, except you have specified it earlier in the terms of service, they would switch from your brand to the next ones. No matter the quality of what they buy, they would develop negative feelings towards your brand.

To keep this from happening, ensure your logistics team is well-prepared to handle all orders as soon as expected. Have backup plans in case your logistics team fails. If an uncontrollable event happens and your customers have no choice but to wait, communicate with each of them and apologize. A personal apology will do a lot to help the situation.

Put your best foot forward

Put the best of your efforts into building an online shop that is worthy of emulation. You may never get a second chance to make another impression on your buyers, so ensure the first impression counts. Use the best visuals appropriate for your online store and ensure the page speed is fast.

Visitors bounce away without blinking an eye when your pages load slowly. Use nice videos and audios to sell your products; you can hire a professional photographer or videographer to work with you. The font style and size must be attractive and clear, your customers should not be straining their eyes to read descriptions.

Ask for feedback

Never shy away from asking for and validating feedback. If a customer seems aggravated or displeased at the end of their buying experience, you should take the initiative to ask them why. You can make it a practice to ask all your customers to drop their feedback. Many people who are not comfortable with lodging complaints will speak up if they are prompted.

If you don’t prompt them, they will find other ways to express their disappointment, which is, most times, in the public eye. Listen attentively to the feedback and work on it. Know how to respond to both positive and negative feedback and be sure to thank everyone.

Invest in customer care

Since your customers are the lifeblood of your business, investing in customer care is a win-win for you. When you master how to care for customers, you will get more customers as the existing ones will refer their friends and potential ones will be converted into repeat customers. You are also sure of a stable income because you will not need to struggle to get customers. Maintain a dedicated, compassionate and professional image when dealing with customers and you will not have to deal with negative comments about your business.