The shape of the face has an influence on the choice of glasses to wear. It would be better if before you buy new glasses, first know the shape of your face. If you have a round face but want to look proportional and not look wide when wearing glasses, here are 5 recommendations regarding the shape of glasses that are suitable for round faces  types.

Wayfarer Glasses

Choosing wayfarer glasses can be the right choice for those of you who have a round face. Glasses of this shape can give a tapered effect on your cheeks and the illusion of a longer face. You can easily get wayfarer-style glasses through various online stores and eyewear shops around you.

Metal Round Glasses

Who says a round face and chubby cheeks can’t wear round glasses? If you choose round glasses, make sure you choose frames that are simple and made of metal, thin and light so that they look simple to wear and make you look charming with a cute side.

Square Model Glasses

This one model is a form that can fit all face shapes. For round faces, this model of glasses can be an alternative choice to try because it can make your face look longer and camouflage your round face shape better.

Cat-eye Model Glasses

Who does not know the shape of this one? Yes, cat eye glasses with sharp details on the ends are perfect for those with a round faces. The illusion created by this cat eye glasses frames can make your cheeks look thinner and make your appearance more elegant! Interested in trying?

Model D glasses

Round faces tend to be characterized by equally wide cheekbones, forehead, and jawline. By wearing D-type glasses, your chubby cheeks will be covered by this frame and balance the shape of your face and glasses.

Those are five glasses recommendations for those of you with a round face. So what style of glasses are best for a round face type in your opinion? Hope it is useful.